Network News - 4/11/2016

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq signed a contract with Dar Al Dawa to Perform a Diagnostic Study

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq signed a contract with Dar Al Dawa to perform a thorough diagnosis in order to analyze the strengths, weaknesses and challenges that might hinder Dar Al Dawa from achieving its strategy and objectives.

Network News - 4/7/2016

PKF Jordan Signed an Agreement with INJAZ to Conduct a Survey for Measuring the Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion of the Adult Population in Jordan

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq was commissioned by INJAZ to conduct a Survey for Measuring the Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion in Jordan as part of an international comparative analysis and reporting undertaken by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Network on Financial Education (INFE).

Network News - 11/17/2015

PKF Jordan and Iraq signed a Salary Survey contract with the Swiss Representation in Jordan

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq are proud to announce signing a salary survey agreement with the Swiss Representation in Jordan which includes the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). In this assignment PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq will deliver a report covering salary analysis and an overview of remunerations offered by the Comparator Employers.

Network News - 9/21/2015

The HR Management Workshop

Now more than ever, companies need to apply flexible, innovative and strategic human capital management techniques aligned to their business strategies. The expectations from the HR professionals and the challenges they face are accelerating. To help you in that, PKF Human Resource Consulting is now introducing its “ The HR Management Workshop” for managers and HR professionals.

Network News - 7/12/2015

PKF Jordan awarded Jordan River Foundation’s tender: Market Assessment and Analysis

Jordan River Foundation (JRF) and PKF Jordan laid down a new corner stone in their long and successful relationship. Jordan River Foundation had selected PKF Jordan as their reliable consultants to perform the market assessment and analysis as part of the Emergency Employment Project which is implemented by Jordan River Foundation in partnership with UNDP’s Program to mitigate the effect of the Syrian crisis on the host community funded from DANIDA and CENTERAL EMERGANCY RESPONSE FUND (CERF/OCHA

Network News - 6/4/2015

PKF Jordan awarded JEDCO’s tender: Preparing Feasibility Studies for the Beneficiaries of the Governorate Development Fund

In continuation to a long and successful relationship, PKF Jordan and Jordan Enterprise Development Company (JEDCO) signed a new agreement where PKF Jordan will Provide Consultancy Services for JEDCO for Preparing Feasibility Studies for the Beneficiaries of the Governorate Development Fund for JEDCO/JUMP II/SER/GDF-F.S/T/001/2014 tender (funded by the European Commission). The scope of work for this project is divided into two main phases with the following descriptio

Network News - 2/15/2015

PKF Jordan launches its dedicated HR Consulting Firm - PKF Human Resource Consulting

Amman, February 2015: PKF Jordan has successfully launched a dedicated firm for HR services named PKF Human Resource Consulting. This is part of PKF Jordan's strategy of providing global HR expertise based on local knowledge to both large companies and SMEs serving the Middle East region.

Network News - 11/20/2014

وقعت شركة بي كي إف الأردن اتفاقية إعداد مشروع الخارطة الاستثمارية في إقليم البترا

وقعت شركة بي كي إف الأردن مع سلطة إقليم البترا التنموي السياحي اتفاقية إعداد الخارطة الاستثمارية في إقليم البترا، إذ تم عقد اجتماع انطلاقة المشروع في الثاني عشر من تشرين الثاني لعام 2014 (12.11.2014)، حيث أكد الدكتور ثروت المصالحة في الاجتماع أنه تم اختيار شركة بي كي إف الأردن بناء على الخبرة الواسعة التي تمتلكها الشركة في مجال إعداد الخرائط الاستثمارية ودراسات الجدوى الاقتصادية. أعقب اجتماع انطلاقة المشروع جلسة نقاش مفتوح مع ممثلي المجتمع المحلي لإقليم البترا بهدف تحديد أفكار المشاريع المقترحة التي تلبي احتياجات المجتمع المحلي.

Network News - 11/20/2014

PKF Jordan signed an agreement to develop the investment map in Petra Region

PKF Jordan has signed an agreement with Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority to develop the Petra Region Investment Map. A kick-off meeting was held on the 12th of November 2014 to officially launch the project. During the meeting, Dr. Tharwat Al Masalha stated that choosing PKF Jordan was based on the extensive knowledge and expertise PKF Jordan has in the field of developing investment maps and conducting feasibility studies. An Open discussion session with representatives of the local community followed the kick-off meeting to derive potential investments ideas needed by the local community.

Network News - 4/15/2014

إطلاق النسخة العربية من الدلائل الإرشادية للتأهيل المجتمعي

تحت رعاية سمو الأمير رعد بن زيد، شاركت شركة المجموعة المهنية PKF ProGroup في حفل إطلاق النسخة العربية للدلائل الإرشاردية للتأهيل المجتمعي لمنظمة الصحة العالمية WHO)) ، وذلك من خلال عرض نتائج الدراسة التي نفذها مستشاروها والتي هدفت الى تقييم برامج التأهيل المجتمعي للأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة في مختلف محافظات المملكة ومقارنتها مع الممارسات العالمية ، كما تم استعراض نتائج مسح رضى المستفيدين من تلك البرامج.

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